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A new series has been announced of the BAFTA nominated comedy-drama, The Dry, which deals with one woman’s battle for sobriety.

RTÉ, in partnership with ITV, has today announced the commission of a second season for RTÉ and ITVX, which will be produced by Element Pictures, in association with Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland and ITV Studios.

RTÉ said the first season attracted 600,000 viewers on RTÉ Player. The next series will be screened on RTÉ and ITVX next year.

BAFTA nominated Dublin screenwriter Nancy Harris said she was “thrilled” to bring more of her fictional characters, the Sheridans back to the screen.

“It’s an absolute joy to be back working with this incredible ensemble cast and director Paddy Breathnach,” Ms Harris added.

“The characters are all deepening and developing and they all have challenges – it’s going to be quite the rollercoaster and not just for those who are trying to stay sober…”

Belfast born actor, Roisin Gallagher, will return as the character of recovering alcoholic Shiv Sheridan, alongside regular cast members from the first series. RTÉ said further casting details will be confirmed in due course.

The second series picks up seven months after the first season, with the Sheridans in their new normal. However, the question remains, how normal is it for three grown adults to still be living at home with their parents.

Shiv’s been sober, celibate, and solvent for six months and is determined to achieve sobriety and cut toxic influences from her life. While giving up alcohol remains achievable, the character will have to establish if she needs to also give up her family.

Dermot Horan, director of acquisitions & co-productions for RTÉ, said: “The first season of The Dry really resonated with our audiences. We always felt there were loads more stories to tell about the various members of the Sheridan family…The Dry has reached almost 600,000 views on RTÉ Player to date, which is a fantastic accomplishment for local Irish drama.”

The first season was made available to view for free on ITVX and RTÉ Player last month.

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