Drimnagh (Droimneach)

Drimnagh is suburb in Dublin, Ireland, situated on the Southside of the city between Walkinstown, Crumlin and Inchicore, bordered by the Grand Canal to the north and east. Drimnagh is in postal district Dublin 12.

Drimnagh (Droimneach)

Drimnagh derives its name from the word druimneach, or country with ridges. A Neolithic settlement discovered, and a funerary bowl found in a burial site. The site was demolished, but the bowl is on view in the National Museum.

The lands of Drimnagh were taken from their Irish owners by Strongbow, who gave them to the Barnwell family, who had arrived in Ireland with Strongbow in 1167.

Drimnagh Castle is the only castle in Ireland which still has a moat encircling it, and is one of Dublin’s few remaining medieval castles. It dates from the 12th century and was built by the Barnwell family.


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